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10 Mar 2021

Winery Liquid That Your Consumers Won’t Want To Drink

Wineries produce amazing white and/or red varietals (depending on their location and vines). Statista 2021 tells us that...

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15 Feb 2021

Septic Tanks 101 And How To Avoid Septic Tank Nightmares

Septic tanks…they’re only used in caravan parks and commercial premises, right? Actually….WRONG! They’re often...

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19 Jan 2021

3 Key Tips to Getting More Out Of Your Restaurant Grease Trap

Setting up and running a restaurant brings with it a plethora of activities, some of which are not remotely food-related, for...

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"From the very first call to book, through to the tank cleaning service, the level of professional service was superb. Your operator called in advance to advise his arrival time. Truck was clean, introduced himself, gave estimate of time and what could be expected. On exit, he also provided several tips for keeping the septic tank ‘healthy’. He was polite, friendly and courteous. A credit to your organisation. I will have no hesitation in referring Harmor's services to others based on the quality service I have received today."

Wade Calderwood


"Thank you for the service, your operator was great and I have three other restaurants I would gladly like to move over to Harmor services..."